Simpli5 Braces/Aligners

The Simpli 5 is an orthodontic tooth movement system using detachable transparent splints in order to move the teeth at the desired aesthetic position. This system is designed for small movements in the anterior tooth – belt aesthetics only available in the front 6 teeth of the upper and lower jaw.

Splints can move up to 2.5mm, and only if, the existing situation is a logical asymmetry.


  • Speed- Most patients will complete their treatment in five months
  • Cost – Less treatment time and use only 5 splints make the treatment economically accessible.
  • Simple process – Only need five splints

What can we fix

Only small rear orthodontic problems

  • The rear six teeth of the upper and lower jaw
  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Variations in the anterior positions
  • Reset anterior teeth in place (Relapse) which existed at the end of orthodontic treatment

What we can not fix it

  • posterior teeth position
  • malocclusion
  • large tooth movements
  • complex cases

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