Implant & Dental Office

The office was created in 2012 by pilot Luke Constantine.

The Doctor had been the vision of high-level services at all stages of the dental treatment. After 10 years stay in the UK, English absolute professional experience combined with the talent Greek custom in Greek data is the primary target.

After three years the clinic test takes final shape as we have completed the desired collaborations.

The clinic gives the promise of continuous evolution not only technologically and clinically well as people to listen and adapt to the needs of our patients.

Philosophy of Surgery
  • We aim only to perfection and long-term results in any way.
  • We dedicate the required time our patients according to their needs, without haste.
  • We offer a full range of options for your treatment.
  • We work always resulting in hours of your appointment without creating long waiting between appointments and therefore frustration to our patients.
  • We offer flexibility in terms of payment for the work. Payment is in installments and in the course of treatment.
  • We always prioritize emergencies.
  • We work with flexible hours for our patients. The clinic is open and during Saturday.
  • We are specialized in macro-economic dentistry. We will provide the treatment that best suits your needs.
  • Great emphasis is placed on the appearance of our staff as well as the noble behavior towards our patients. Our patient always comes first.

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