Prosthetics is the expertise that covers cosmetic dentistry and replacement of missing teeth. The qualified Doctor Constantine Luke, has considerable experience in this field, diagnosis and treatment of patients with lost teeth to replace old prostheses. The experience gives him the ability to have knowledge of all possible treatment plans and to adapt them to the needs of the patient using implants, bridges and dentures.

Tooth decay

Over the years, everyone will have the experience to wear his teeth. However, there are several factors that aggravate the area that will wear your teeth. The most common factor includes trismus (bruxism), erosion (especially acidic foods and drinks) and chipping (ie when you brush your teeth with excessive force).

In some cases, the level of wear can lead to tooth-like short and non elkystiko.Mporei also acquire sensitivity or experience some pain in the jaw or in the Mun.

In our clinic, all experts promote a proactive prosengisi.Mporoume to offer a practical, easily followed advice which involves changes in diet and lifestyle, while devoting time to discuss your oral health and detect areas need improvement.

If your teeth are worn down a little and would like to search for aesthetic choices that will transform your smile, there are various remedies that can help you obtain a beautiful smile again, including the veneers, crowns and whitening.

Combined specialized splints needed in the largest proportion of patients.

Just make an informative appointment with us today to discover how you can smile again with confidence!

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